Movement Method 1 & 2

Not every person want’s to ride. Even people that do like to ride sometimes may not feel like riding on a given day for a whole variety of reasons, both physical and mental.

One of the limitations of horse professionals is that they themselves are so horse obsessed, that it’s hard for them to think beyond the horse when addressing a client’s needs. Therefore, when a client does not wish to ride, the professional has no other tools at their disposal and often tries to force the riding onto a client, which has very negative effects on the client’s learning and well-being.

To address this we offer Movement Method which gets the same positive brain and body effects as Horse Boy Method, while using play equipment, the natural environment and even furniture in a room.

If you learn Movement Method alongside Horse Boy Method, your toolbox for serving clients is infinitely greater and you can show parents, therapists, and caregivers exercises to do at home, that will keep the client’s brain developing at a much faster rate, than if they simply relied upon equine therapy sessions to achieve these goals.

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