An Effective Approach For Autism And Other Neuro-Psychiatric Conditions

Horse Boy Method

A tried and tested, easy to follow, science-based well researched Equine Assisted Intervention that achieves social, behavioral, and academic goals through repatterning the brain, and calming the nervous system through nature and movement with the help of an equine partner.

Why Do I Need Horse Boy Method?

Horse Boy Method is the only equine intervention, specifically designed for the nervous system and the brain. More than that, it was developed under the mentorship of adult autists such as Dr. Temple Grandin and neuro-scientists such as Dr. Robert Naviaux of UC San Diego. The brain child of autism Dad Rupert Isaacson, who stumbled upon an approach with his own son and a horse and then developed and refined this approach over a decade, Horse Boy Method is now used in about 30 countries worldwide and provides an effective program for cognitive, behavioral and even academic development in a way that feels joyful and easy, thus insuring buy-in from the client.

1: The Program

An easy to follow 6 Stage approach to calming the nervous system and brain to address social and behavioral issues, and to enable learning.
6 Simple Guidelines to follow to help you succeed.
A training system to help you and your horse get there.

2: The Science

Neuro-Scientists including Dr. Robert Naviaux and Dr. Allyson Moutry of UC San Diego, Dr. Temple Grandin Colorado State University and others endorse Horse Boy Method, because it gets results: it turns off the cell danger response in the brain; reduces cortisol; activates the learning centers of the brain; and creates neuro-plasticity.

3: Certification Courses

Horse Boy Method has 4 Levels of Certification:
1. The Introduction to the Method: The 6 Stages – how and why they work.
2. Training the Horse Boy Horse
3. Behaviors, academics, inclusion, social skills
4. The advanced equine work


“Horse Boy Method was the game changer for our practice. We struggled for years not really getting the results with neuro-differend clients that we were seeking. Horse Boy Method changed all that. The results we now get are frankly spectacular.” ~Equine Therapist, Ireland

“This was the first time I felt understood as an autist by the people working with me. It was the first time I did not feel patronized and instead felt empowered. Thank you for creating a Method that actually helps with the challenges and celebrates the gifts of autism and other neuro-differences.” ~ Young adult Autist, UK

“My son was failing in every way: physically, mentally, and emotionally to the point of institutionalization. Horse Boy Method turned that around so drastically. My non verbal son now uses up to 500 words per session, has learned more life skills than I can count, has begone tangible academics, and the progress continues with every session.” ~ Autism Mom, USA